Roger Kupelian

Raised in Sierra Leone, Roger Kupelian, a multi-faceted cinematic artist, contributed visuals to major Hollywood projects for nearly three decades. Fluent in Krio, English, and Armenian, his love for cinema ignited in the rustic theaters of 1970s Freetown.

Kupelian’s extensive credits include The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Flags of Our Fathers, Alice in Wonderland, Space Jam, Marvel’s Moon Knight, and Griffith Park Observatory’s Signs of Life. His art, featured in Lord of the Rings books and a New Zealand stamp collection, spans various film, television, and commercial projects, including his East of Byzantium graphic novel series, the third volume of which is The Hammer (about the Maccabees).

An embedded filmmaker during the wars that denoted the fall of the Soviet Union in the Caucasus region, Kupelian’s experiences added depth to his storytelling. Fluent in both current and legacy techniques, he continues to impact the cinematic and educational realms, most recently with his new Web Series, WARRIOR SAINTS

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