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What Is International Town Criers Day?

Honoring Town Crier Traditions and Events in America

This week, communities across the globe celebrate International Town Criers Day, a day dedicated to honoring the rich history and traditions of town criers. This vibrant celebration highlights the importance of town criers in spreading news and information long before the advent of modern communication. In America, town criers hold a special place in history, and their legacy continues to be celebrated through various events and traditions.

The History of Town Criers

The role of the town crier dates back to ancient times when these heralds would deliver important news, proclamations, and public announcements to the townsfolk. Dressed in elaborate town crier costumes, complete with tricorn hats and bells, they would walk through the streets, shouting their messages in a loud, clear voice.

American Town Criers: Keeping the Tradition Alive

In America, town criers played a crucial role in the early days of the colonies. They were the bearers of news, bringing information about everything from political events to local happenings. Today, the tradition of the town crier is kept alive through various town criers events across America. These events celebrate the art of public speaking, the history of town criers, and the unique costumes that make them instantly recognizable.

Who is the Town Crier Around You?

Who is the town crier in your life, the one who always has the latest updates about everyone and everything? Keeping in mind the International Town Criers Day, we present to you some new designs that you can purchase for your favorite Town Crier!

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